Meet the Maker - Ali Pang

PANG JEWELLERY - Slow fashion jewellery, made to last. Small batch releases, no waste, no mass production. Each piece will be slightly unique and handmade to order by Ali in Wellington, New Zealand.

Pang Jewellery pieces are mostly created using jeweller's wax. The wax creations are cast in 925 solid sterling silver at Regal Castings in Auckland. Regal use mostly recycled silver and occasionally add newly minted silver when needed. Any metal offcuts and filings are melted down and recycled into more jewellery!

In another attempt to eliminate waste; your shipping packaging may be a bit random. Pang Jewellery reuses accumulated packing materials in an attempt to not create more - We encourage you to do the same! Your piece will still come in a shiny Pang Jewellery storage box beneath the mismatched bubble wrap :)

AAPPA-PAPPA ART - Ali is also a mixed media artist, mostly working in illustrations and collage. She has been creating for approximately 100,000 years and will most likely continue to do so indefinitely. Her practice appreciates silliness, butts and anything nonsense. Shop prints and more in the ART section. If you want to check out more visit and follow @AAPPA.PAPPA on Instagram / AAPPA-PAPPA Art on Facebook



We offer worldwide shipping!

Shipments are made weekly from Aotearoa New Zealand (the bottom of the planet).

Shipping will be calculated at checkout and varies depending on your delivery address - be sure to check your options in the drop down box at checkout.

Pang Jewellery and AAPPA-PAPPA art products ship separately as they have very different shapes and turnaround times.

AAPPA-PAPPA SHIPPING - Some products are printed to order and can have a turn-around time of 2- 5 working days before shipment.

PANG JEWELLERY SHIPPING - Each piece is handmade to order and can take 2-6 weeks in production before shipment.

If you need your order within a specific time frame, get in touch here, I'll do my best to accomodate you.

All items are sent tracked except art products smaller than A4 size (you will have an untracked and tracked option for these as they can be sent as a letter instead of a parcel).

UNTRACKED SHIPPING is at the risk of the buyer. The default shipping option selected at check out is for the cheapest rate, so be sure to click the shipping drop down at checkout and select a different rate if you would like to upgrade to tracking or courier.

PLEASE NOTE: The shipping selection drop down option disappears when purchasing art and jewellery products in the same order. (This is very annoying and something Shopify has yet to find a solution for).

If you want to see your full shipping options at checkout, we recommend purchasing AAPPA-PAPPA products and Pang Jewellery products in seperate orders.


DOMESTIC (NZ) - Up to 3 working days / Next working day for courier

INTERNATIONAL - 3-10 Working days / 2-6 Working days for courier

Express Courier (1-5 working days) rates are available, get in touch for a quote.

Shipping times are based off NZ Post - with Covid-19 there may be delays, these estimates are not guaranteed.


We will deliver the order to the address provided by you at checkout. It is your responsibility to ensure the details you have provided are complete and correct.

No delivery or shipment date can be guaranteed while COVID related delays continue.

We will not be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of late or delayed delivery.

Shipping rates are the cost of postage with NZ Post, no profit is made off shipping prices.



Necklace lengths are listed in each product listing (as well as a size chart in the images).
We make to order so if you want a custom length get in touch here!


Pang Jewellery uses NZ / AU / UK standard alphabetical ring sizing.
- See our international ring size guide here.

For the most accurate ring size we recommend visiting your local jeweller to get measured in person.

- DIY methods are more likely to be inaccurate and are not recommended, however, if you are unable to go safely / wish to do it at home the best way is to measure the inside diameter of a ring that already fits on the desired finger, then match the dimensions to our size guide.

- If you are in-between sizes contact us here or flick us an email to arrange a custom sized piece!


- Your fingers shrink and swell at different temperatures. Measure your fingers at room temperature for best results.

- The thicker the ring, the tighter the fit, if you choose a ring with a deep band width, you may need to go one size up.

- The aim is for a snug fit, that is able to slip back over the knuckle.


Please email us at to arrange resizing, this is done on a case by case basis.

An appropriate resize fee will apply (plus the return tracked shipping fee back to the customer). The customer must return the jewellery with tracked shipping at their own cost and risk.

Resizing can also be done for you at your local jeweller.

Jewellery Care

Pang Jewellery is made using solid precious metals. With proper care, your PJ pieces can last you a lifetime. Here are a few tips to help look after your special items:

- Precious metals are soft, they can mark, dent and tarnish. Remove your jewellery when doing labour intensive tasks to avoid hard knocks and scratches.

- If you have a dainty delicate PJ item, treat it as such, avoid any tugging or pulling on the piece as it can cause it to warp, bend or snap. (Silver is a SOFT metal, treat it like you would your extremely sensitive but precious friend.)

- Avoid your jewellery coming into contact with perfumes, moisturisers and chemicals.

- It is best to take your jewellery off in pools/spa baths and when cleaning and exercising. It is safe and fine to wear sterling silver in the shower (but not your gold vermeil pieces).

- When you are not wearing your jewellery, keep it somewhere safe, dry and not in direct sunlight. Metals may oxidise, especially silver, so a sealed bag or box is best.

-TIP: Reuse any silica gel packs you have. Store your jewellery with them, they absorb moisture so will help prevent and slow tarnish.

"Jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off".

Enjoy wearing your Pang Jewellery, I personally love the look of worn sterling silver. Any marks, scratches and dints it may accumulate in its life make each piece personal and hold its own history.

As for the nature of sterling silver, it may eventually become more muted in shine. Microfibre polishing cloths are great at restoring lustre.

With time silver oxidises (blackening look), this is also done purposefully on some items. This is normal and caused by natural reactions between skin oils and chemicals in the air. If this happens and you prefer the fresh light shiny silver look - do not fret, it can be cleaned.

- To clean your jewellery, use a drop of dishwashing liquid in a cup of lukewarm water and a soft bristled toothbrush, microfiber or cotton cloth.

- Silver cleaning liquids and foams can also be found in hardware stores and supermarkets.

- Pang Jewellery pieces can also be sent back for a refurb; we can clean, re-shine and alter your jewellery to give it a fresh lease on life. This is done on a case by case basis so contact us here or flick us an email to arrange:

An appropriate fee will apply (plus the return tracked shipping fee back to the customer). The customer must return the jewellery with tracked shipping at their own cost and risk.

Gold Info & Care

GOLD VERMEIL is sterling silver that has been gold plated. This is different from ‘gold plated’ pieces which are a cheaper metal base (usually brass, nickel or copper) with a thin layer of gold on top. Gold vermeil always has a sterling silver base retaining its precious metal properties and qualities. Pang Jewellery gold vermeil pieces are plated with 2 microns of 14k gold. All gold plating is done by a trusted company here in Aotearoa.

GOLD VERMEIL CARE: Plated items will eventually fade from natural wear, this could take months or years depending on how often the product is worn and what state it is kept in. Treat your gold vermeil items delicately and cautiously.

-Remove plated jewellery when washing hands, in the shower, when doing any work that may rub on the metal, when putting on creams or disinfectants etc. Never let it contact chemicals.

-Store plated jewellery in a sealed, dry place where other pieces aren't resting against the metal.

- If you would like to clean your gold vermeil jewellery wash it with a small amount of gentle dish soap or non-chemical soap and warm water. Rinse it well and allow to dry on a cloth or paper towel. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth such as microfiber and gently rub the surface in a circular motion to clean. Make sure it is fully dry before returning to its box or airtight bag for storage. Avoid using a silver cloth as it will remove the gold plating.

- Remove gold vermeil jewellery before sleep to prevent wear.

"Jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off".

Gold vermeil is an accessible way to have quality jewellery at a reasonable price, especially for large statement pieces. If you wear your gold jewellery daily / want it to be a staple forever piece; consider investing in solid gold (plating, no matter how good, will wear off if worn regularly). A solid gold piece will be one you can enjoy for life, even generations. Pang Jewellery designs can be made in 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, 24K gold. Get in touch here for a quote.

We also offer re-plating of your gold vermeil piece for a small fee, get in touch here for a quote.

Returns & Repairs


Pang Jewellery encourages a 'slow-fashion' mindset - treat your pieces as an investment as opposed to a disposable fashion item.

All Pang Jewellery is thoroughly checked before it is sold, however, if your item should break, we can repair it and bring your precious piece back to life.

Repairs are done on a case by case basis so contact us here or flick us an email to arrange:

- If a product has become defective due to wear and tear or poor care being taken of the item, an appropriate repair fee will apply (plus the return tracked shipping fee back to the customer). The customer must return the jewellery with tracked shipping at their own cost and risk.

- If a product has become defective due to no fault of the customer, Pang Jewellery will cover postage and repair costs to bring the piece back to life.

I offer a 12 month warranty on handmade PJ parts to protect you against faults due to craftsmanship.

I offer a 6 month warranty on parts not handmade by PJ such as necklace chains, earring parts, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Pang Jewellery strives to create sustainable pieces that can be worn for a lifetime, and so, it is encouraged that you shop responsibly. Due to the cost and effort of shipping/packaging I am unable to take returns due to 'change of mind' and will only offer repairs/exchanges for mechanical faults.

Please check your size before purchasing, as everything is made to order. We cannot easily exchange items - resizing is available for an appropriate fee. With resizing, the customer must return the jewellery with tracked shipping at their own cost and risk. Resizing can also be done for you at your local jeweller.


All pieces are handmade to order by Pang Jewellery unless stated otherwise. No two items are the same. Each piece is made individually and may vary from the item photos. Photos on the website may not represent true tones of colour depending on your screen settings.

When placing an order, you will receive an email confirmation; sometimes this may go to your junk folder.

An order cannot be started by Pang Jewellery until payment is completed and all relevant information is received (e.g correct PJ ring size & metal choices).

Payment is required on completion of your order and will be processed via our website payment providers.

If you wish to cancel an order, please contact me within 2 hours of order completion. If an order has already been begun, a cancellation may no longer be possible. If your order is cancelled, you will be refunded via your original payment method.

From the time of shipment, risk passes to the buyer - we can not be liable for loss or destruction of the product during the shipment process.